Photography and life

in-joy freddkay started back in year 2010 in France. Ever since the beginning it has been a photo / experience blog trying to reflect the life of Fred Karlsson through a hands on approach. Call it a lifestyle/travel/ranting blog. However you like it I hope you’ll enjoy my scribblings.

Topics range from travels to thoughts and from everyday jargon to specific events. Go in-joy!


Santorini part II: The Caldera

Nap time is over. Time to get up, take a shower and browse the alleys like ninjas. Or wait, no, the parkour guys are doing that and my back is killing me in either case.READ MORE

Santorini part I: The journey

Athens. Wake up call at 4:00. A cold shower and a glass of water later we’re standing on the street waiting for our Uber. It’s right on time. It’s pitch dark outside and silent on the streets. READ MORE

Athens cityscape

Athens and the Temple of Zeus

Call me vain, but ever since the first Thor movie when the protagonist walks into a pet store and tells the clerk “I need a horse!” I’ve been a big Thor fan. Also because of Mjölnir, his hammer that he controls the weather with. But what about Zeus?READ MORE

Post Pulse in an abandoned prison

When I was asked to do a promo picture photoshoot for a metal band I said “Of course! As long as you’re fully aware that I’ve never done one before!”READ MORE

Sylt: A great sandy island

This is Sylt. An island 99 km2 big with a 40 km long sandy beach, you bet it is a place worth a visit. Also the northernmost point of Germany is found on this peculiarly shaped island.READ MORE

Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg

Miniatures were a big thing in my childhood, mainly because Dad’s avid interest in the field but also, who wouldn’t like to build up worlds of logistic infrastructures all by yourself without the actual costs of real life development? READ MORE