Photography and life

in-joy freddkay started back in year 2010 in France. Ever since the beginning it has been a photo / experience blog trying to reflect the life of Fred Karlsson through a hands on approach. Call it a lifestyle/travel/ranting blog. However you like it I hope you’ll enjoy my scribblings.

Topics range from travels to thoughts and from everyday jargon to specific events. Go in-joy!


Joulunvietto Saksassa

Suomalainen joulu Hampurissa

Kun Suomalainen aikoo viettää joulun Saksassa hänelle valkenee hitaasti ja epätodellisesti että Suomessa on sittenkin ruokaperinteitä: muun muassa joulukinkku. READ MORE

Hamburger DOM parking lot

Hamburger DOM is the biggest mobile amusement park in northern Germany. It’s erected three times per year on Heiligengeistfeld in Hamburg and brings together people of all ages to laugh, cry and eat wursts.READ MORE

Weekend visit to Berlin

We had the chance of wasting another weekend in one way or another. So we chose to check tickets everywhere. The Twister needle pointed at Berlin. READ MORE

Samaria Village Crete

Samaria Gorge trail in Crete

Awesome mountains and a 16km trail called Samaria Gorge in Crete? In my mind, Crete has always been a place where lazy package deal travellers end up to. READ MORE