Weekend visit to Berlin

We had the chance of wasting another weekend in one way or another. So we chose to check tickets everywhere. The Twister needle pointed at Berlin. Turns out that browsing for train tickets straight through DB.de is definitely not worth it as we were looking at 2 way prices for 190€ PER PERSON. Some furious googling later I found goeuro and was able to find train tickets for the same dates for 59,90€ for us both, so 29,95€ per person for a two way ticket. YAS! Apparently others found the offer too as the train was so full that people were standing for the near 3 hour train ride.

There’s a sauna in the hotel! Nice, haven’t had one since July. 70 degrees celsius according to the meter, but I’m pretty sure it was somewhat like 60. One of the only saunas I’ve been to where blowing on your skins in fact feels cold instead of burns. I had an idea that an Official Sauna Super Inspector (OSSI) should be appointed who travels the world and certifies saunas all around the world. OSSI would also make sure that the saunas are properly built.

Anyway, as nothing megaspectacular occurred during our trip, I’ll focus on the imagery. I had a little study of different shapes. Hope you like it. A few tips and tricks in Berlin after the images.

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Where to eat a hella good steak: Steakhouse Asador (order a steak as medium rare, you’ll love it)

Where to have an interesting drink: Buck & Breck

Where to NOT EAT: Grand Rocka Seriously, keep away from here.

Freddkay music recommendation of the hour:

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