Trump won the election, screw you natural selection.

Some poetry inspired from some disturbing events this morning. I’d say in-joy, but take it as you want. Now, have an otherwise happy Wednesday:

Trump won the election

4 in the morning – I can’t sleep.
Take a look at the votes, Trump is in the lead.
I go out, take pictures of the morning sun.
When I get back the news aren’t fun.

A lump invades my cold throat.
It’s Trump, he has the majority vote.
The Canadian immigration site crashes.
Hillary goes to bed. Tomorrow she’ll talk to the masses.

Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy?
Reality TV, likes for life, “grab ‘em by the pussy”
53% of white women voted for Trump.
Back comes the big fat lump.

I hear his words: “I’ll do a great job”.
Markets take on a descending throb.
Hashtag DonaldTrump, TrumpWins.
A new era of politics begins.

“If Ivanka weren’t my daughter,
perhaps I’d be dating her”
Is this the leader you want and need?
My eyes, heart and soul start to bleed.

A bully, a bigot, a misogynist, a politics novice,
Congratulations, he’s in charge of the oval office.
The world spectates with confusion.
Is this performance art or an illusion?

The lump is going away.
I think: “Bureaucracy will keep him at bay.
The times are a-changin’
But the world isn’t re-arrangin’”

Nationalism has swept through Europe too.
Finland, Sweden, Austria to name a few.
Extremists didn’t make our countries zoos,
Democracy got us through.

Life goes on, the world keeps spinning.
So listen, life is still winning.
The sun dies in 5 billion years.
So dust yourself off and wipe your tears.

Every now and then history takes an unprecedented turn
It seems for a while that the oceans churn
Trump won the election, fuck you natural selection.
Now have a beer, some popcorn and a sandwich,
because the following four years are going to be a *****

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