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Manhattan Beach surf

Manhattan Beach surf and photo

So we woke up at 5.15 to hit the morning waves in Manhattan Beach. Juuso and Antti jumped on the boards while I operated the camera. Beautiful morning. Great waves. Awesome times. Later on we drove up to Beverly Hills, saw some skating in Venice Beach and witnessed a breathtaking sunset by the Santa Monica Pier. In-joy! Read more →


The Hooters experience

What is the most obvious place to eat dinner when hungry and you’re only looking for food? The family friendly Hooters of course. One starving Fred and one starving Juuso walked on 3rd Street in Santa Monica looking for something, anything but bad. We saw Hooters, high fived and walked in. It was game night anyway so why not? Patriots… Read more →


California tripping

Juuso walked into me in September in our local bar. He had a vision; California in December! A sip later and a huge smile I was in. The tickets were booked in late September and I thought to myself “Finally some time to make plans for this trip”. Then came October. And November. All of a sudden it was December with Christmas… Read more →


Flip Schultz the standup comedian

“Who the hell is Flip Schultz?” I thought to myself back in 2007 when he warmed up for Pablo Francisco in Helsinki. He turned out to be way smarter in his jokes than his successor. No offense if you by any chance ever get to read this post, Pablo. Anyway, Flip came back to Finland in February this year. I… Read more →