Skrillex feat. MRI

News blast! I’ve been suffering from an aching back the past 8 months, enjoying about 4-5 hours of proper sleep every night (unless I’ve passed out and slept on a floor for 12h).

Now that I’ve been at all sorts of doctors and what-not’s I finally got an MRI appointment. You know, the tube where claustrophobic’s aren’t that comfortable in.

“Here you go, it’s going to be loud and perhaps a bit uncomfortable.” says the MRI nurse and hands me a pair of ear plugs. “How loud?”. “…Somewhat like you would have somebody drilling at a street work next to your ear.”

2 sessions at once. 40 minutes in the tube. Regarding it “being loud”, all I could imagine was that with a bass line and some melody, I would’ve sworn that I was at a Skrillez concert.

Over n Out!

The Ylläs experience

A week off in April up north? Yes please. Never been to Ylläs anyway. Fantastic weather seemed also be a fact according to our first day here; the perfect day to just relax, drink a beer and enjoy the beautiful sun. How wrong was I in my reasoning.

The slopes are open from 9 am to 5 pm: the exact time span when wet snowfall and low clouds are saying hello to us mortals. Usually 5 until midnight has been beautiful sunsets and cloud free skies.

Trying to see the positive in it all we tried bowling one night. Well, apparently the “We’re Open” signs are just mere advertising to get people interested about the existing activities apart from cross country skiing and going to the slopes. They were closed. Nobody knew why.

Yes, it’s late April. No, I shouldn’t whine. Yes, the season is closing to its end. Luckily there’s great wine and awesome food as well as outstanding company not to mention beer, beef, sausages, sauna and everything to meet our daily needs to survive.

The last day the heavy clouds finally gave room to our friend, the Sun. Wonderful off-piste in the shadows, slushy slopes and happy faces emerged.

I give you photos, because Oh Boy is this  a beautiful piece of Finland or what?

FEK_8002 FEK_8003 FEK_8010 FEK_8017 FEK_8022 FEK_8019 FEK_8025 FEK_8029 FEK_8035 FEK_8039 FEK_8040 FEK_8042 FEK_8043

Best burgers in Helsinki

(No, I'm not being paid, nor do I get any personal benefits out of this.)

This is it. Hallelujah Chrous playing in the background. Angels ascending to Earth to witness whether the rumours are true. People are lifting their noses from their smartphones. It might seem miraculous, but it’s finally a fact. Friends & Brgrs is opening in Helsinki on Wednesday 15.4.2015.


Unless you somehow haven’t heard of this burger joint, it’s a well nurtured child of a pack of friends who were determined to make simple but great burgers for an affordable price with as good ingredients as possible. They begin their journey in Pietarsaari, almost 500 kilometres north from Helsinki in late spring of 2014. They flip burgers over and over again. They practice. They learn new things. People conduct pilgrimages from around Finland to get their fingers on the hyped burgers. They who love it, love it, they who don’t, doesn’t understand burgers.

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 16.16.52

Now that F&B is coming to Helsinki, it still has its sceptics. That the competition is fierce (sure, if you like bad burgers), that they won’t sell burger meals for 11 € (sure, still if you only eat burgers if you can get them for 1 €). Listen up! Where a McD hamburger stays the same for years, these freshly made burgers actually go bad if they don’t get eaten and digested fast enough.

Every burger cooked to order.
Superb meat.
House made fries and mayo.

F&B Helsinki is found In the corner of Aikatalo where RAX used to be.
Is this the stairway to heaven?
Saul the burger man.
Kaj is an exquisite pro on getting things done.
I’d be smiling as large as Sebastian and Rasmus too now that they don’t have to travel all the way to Pietarsaari anymore to get their favorite burgers.

Some of you might be a fan. Some of you probably aren’t. Regardless of that I got my hands on a one of a kind F&B poster with a typo and yes, one of you readers will get it. Drop a comment to enter the lottery. I’ll conduct a drawing to determine the winner. Although if they serve Brgrs, then why not serve mayonnase :)

You’ve got time to enter until 15.4.2015. The winner will be chosen 16.4.2015.


AND because I just can’t get enough of this, it’s worth a watch how the burgers and fries are done at Friends & Brgrs.

Friends & Burgers Aikatalo opening on Wednesday 15.4.2015 at 14:00 and serving hungry customers until 21:00. According to Facebook over 1600 people are going.

Be afraid McD, BK and HB, be very afraid.


Uber in Helsinki

“Hello? Yes. This is Mauro. Where? Yes. What? Wrong street? No. I’m on the correct street. I’m not?”

Regardless of a rather tricky address of mine, being on an alley that is not legally a street my first experience with Uber Helsinki was a success.

– Waiting time: About 6 minutes from pinning my pick-up.
– My trip of choice: From Eira to Vanhakaupunki on a Friday evening.
– Price: 16,89 €.

Dafuq is Uber?

Uber is “Everyone’s private driver”. An app on your phone. The basic idea is that registered Uber drivers (you can apply to be one) drive around town and you pinpoint your desired pickup location. Wait for a few minutes and you’ve got a ride waiting for you. Call it a personal taxi, but far nicer, since you register your credit card into the app and never ball around with money nor plastic money.

Uber Finland

ONE CAR! Well, the service hasn’t been around too long in Helsinki just yet, but as a tourist and a heavy user, you will find a ride even here. Moreover it’s 23:30 on a Monday night. Maybe it’s Mauro?

See, the great part about Uber is that you get to rate your drivers on their behavior. For the drivers not to be enslaved by their customers, they get to rate you too. Order too many times with a no show? Be sure to hardly ever get a ride again.

The adventure

I got my Uber virginity conquered by a great guy, Mauro. An architect from Italy, doing architecture during the day and meeting new people and studying the architecture and the intra of Helsinki by night. And making a buck while doing it. We had a bumpy start him not finding me at first, but because this is an app, it is connected to your phone which means you can message or call the driver for further instructions. Heavenly.

Although the conversation was mainly a one way street, Italy towards Finland, I got to know (apart from the architecture part) that Rome is not a place for ladies to walk on their own during the night, that spaghetti pomodoro is the greatest Italian dish available and that Finland is saturated with beautiful women. Si si!

When finally arriving to our destination I get a firm handshake, a thank you, I give a Buena Notte and Mauro drives off to find somebody else to drive around. I get a notification to my phone that my credit card has been charged and voilà! No hassle.

Now there’s always the discussion about whether this is legal in Finland and what not. Well, remember the time I went to Open Bar & Club in Helsinki? The booze buffet. Well. That was fun while it lasted. Uber is a third of the price of an ordinary taxi. Take advantage of it as long as you can here in Finland!

Download either for Apple freaks or Android nerds. In case you want a 10 € discount from your first ride, be sure to use the code fredk172. Tested that too. Works.

Now go in-joy!

Black birthday documented #hkhq24b

Hello World! I’ve failed to write anything about anything lately. So here I am to fix that.

About two weeks ago the fenomenal #HKHQ24B worked as the nest and soul, the host fortress, the magical gathering for a rather eventful birthday party. Mine and Dick’s.

Earlier that week a victorious looting trip to Estonia brought us back with enough thirst drenchers enough to provide the Vatican army.

The lovely Red Bull ladies also remembered us with keep-people-awake beverages.

The theme for it all was Black birthday with a hint of color. This is how it looked like!

FEK_7483 FEK_7594 FEK_7590 FEK_7589 FEK_7588 FEK_7580 FEK_7572 FEK_7570 FEK_7567 FEK_7559 FEK_7550 FEK_7547 FEK_7546 FEK_7545 FEK_7544 FEK_7540 FEK_7536 FEK_7532 FEK_7531 FEK_7515 FEK_7513 FEK_7510 FEK_7508 FEK_7506 FEK_7504 FEK_7503 FEK_7494 FEK_7493 FEK_7491 FEK_7489 FEK_7487 FEK_7485


Halls, walls, stalls and movement

Ever feel like you’re standing still?


Walking in halls makes you see walls.

Walking into walls makes you stop.

Stopping kills you, time goes on.

Stalling, like a plane

Is unhealthy.

You’ll drop.


Start your engines before that.

Don’t stop.

Walk around.

Find a door.

Find many doors.

Without existence there’s no movement.

Move more in new ways.

I will.


Or otherwise I’ll be in that wall.

In full stop.

Friends & Brgrs Helsinki coming up

Guess what? Friends & Brgrs, the fast-casual burger joint with extraordinary burgers is expanding to Helsinki this Spring. You’re probably familiar with the trend where hyped up street food restaurants open up in remote, shoebox-sized spaces where you can fit about 20 people. Always a line outside.

Friends & Brgs has been mastering their art in the Pietarsaari restaurant for quite a while already, so the burgers are top notch, but how about the location? The burgers speak for themselves, but being able to find the place even for people who have never heard of it makes life easier on both ends. After a while of scouting and searching a spot with about 80 seats and easy access was found. Needless to say, the spot is locked and soon to be loaded.

Friends & Brgrs Helsinki will be available for your tastebuds in Aikatalo at the corner of Yliopistonkatu and Mikonkatu at the latest in the beginning of April 2015. Yes, RAX used to house the perimeter.

But what has to be done before a restaurant can be opened? Demolish the old one. In-joy! More about F&B on their website:

FriendsBrgrs_web-1 FriendsBrgrs_web-2 FriendsBrgrs_web-3 FriendsBrgrs_web-4 FriendsBrgrs_web-5 FriendsBrgrs_web-7 FriendsBrgrs_web-8 FriendsBrgrs_web-9 FriendsBrgrs_web-10 FriendsBrgrs_web-11 FriendsBrgrs_web-12

New year, new resolutions

2014 passed by, this blog wasn’t updated too many times. The rare occasions when it happened was when my IP address referenced me to different Starbucks’ in Los Angeles and San Diego. That’s about two different occasions this year. Sorry about that.

Resolutions and promises etc seems to be hard to fulfil when you talk about them. So let me write it down; I’ll write one blog post per week. This means that I either have to experience something new or get furious about something which seems in my eyes to be wrong. I’ll hope it will mostly be the first.

Maybe I’ll start an underwear blog, “Folded Trunks”. Or “DIY Dinner for a Dime”. Perhaps a fitness parody: “I lift weighs so that I can lift some more weighs” Or not. One thing is for sure though. If I’m about to write once a week, all of these topics will get covered in one way or another. With unforgettable and breathtaking footage of course.

I’ll just start 2015 with reminiscing the last one. In-joy!


Friends & Brgrs
Friends & Brgrs creators; French fries and burger tasting at Fäboda Café in Pietarsaari. From left: Ole, Sebastian, Jonathan, Peter, Saul, Rasmus
Burger testing
Friends & Brgrs burger tasting at Fäboda Café. The journey has begun.
The first snow came to Helsinki alongside with June, Amanda, Dick and Jenny.


Hakki design
Camilla, the mastermind behind Hakki-design organized a photoshoot at Linko in Töölö on a February morning. Julia being in hair control.
Hakki design
The Woody Moow on Julia. Shop Woody Moow to yourself here from the Hakki shop.
We had fun. I was a bit hungover from the earlier night gig. The photos turned out great and everybody made at least 2 new friends. Get your limited edition Uddis here.


The airline Norwegian launched their long haul flights to Los Angeles and San Francisco from Stockholm in March. A few organizational matters laters I had a week off from work and a 380 € two way ticket in my pocket. The locally appreciated Manhattan Beach is a place I wanted to visit again.
Downtown Los Angeles
I had been accustomed to gloomy weathers so when I, jet lagged out of my mind woke up at 5.30 am local time and drove up to Griffith Observatory to see something I hadn’t seen saw this. Both Griffith (which unfortunately was closed) and downtown LA this clear, blew my mind.
Los Angeles parks
Driving around LA blind folded (gps wasn’t working) I found this park. I have no idea which park it is, but it was nice. Homeless people everywhere feeding the birds. (Later on during this trip I went to a Tool concert with Lucas. That. Was. Awesome.)


Friends and burgers
No more Fäboda. Now we’re in Friends & Brgrs trying out the new kitchen and also burgers. The restaurant hasn’t open yet in these pictures. But the dream is going forward with big steps, making headlines in newspapers and becoming the first fast casual chain in Finland.
Friends burger
The utmost beautiful and different visuals makes Friends & Brgrs stand out. The burgers speak for themselves though. These are extravagant, good, great, the best.

 May – June

Wedding time! S & G got married and had a great paatey. This was the first marriage of the summer that I was on. Three more to come this summer in which one as the designated photographer.
Wedding time! S & G got married and had a great paatey. This was the first marriage of the summer that I was on. Three more to come this summer in which one as the designated photographer.
Live band, dancing, good vibes, great night.
The celebrity table
The celebrity table


Mister Bear got married too this year. There’s no proper marriage without a proper bachelor’s party.
He got blindfolded from the beginning so he thought he was going to wakeboard. I bet you weren’t too comfortable there Bear ;)
Wait a second, this isn’t a wakeboard. Bear got a quick hang of how it works. Shit loads of fun.
A few seconds later Bear was thrown into the water and a few phones got killed in the making. Great party, thank you all who participated.


Cannes #4_0070
Cannes Lions – International Festival of Creativity. One of the many highlights of the year where the future of the business was speculated on and the best of the best were awarded. Needless to say, JCVD, Volvo Trucks and Forsman & Bodenfors emptied the tables.
Cannes #4_0032
Kanye West made a surprise visit. The photographers were sure to catch his presence. His thoughts on the business? Nothing new that we wouldn’t have heard already, but he sure is absolutely sure on everything he says.


Sheep are always a part of my summer.
Jannike+Niklas Högsåra 30.7_94
Jannike came to Högsåra and had a gig. Photos were going to be taken for a magazine so I thought, asshole as I am, OK I’ll take some photos too and just give them away. I ended up giving them to the artists instead.
Jannike+Niklas Högsåra 30.7_101
There she is, partly through a bush and a pint of cider. Ah the summers.


Hensippa + Poker run 2014 Högsåra_0174
Because the summer was full of bachelor / bachelorette parties and marriages, Antti wanted to celebrate something else on Högsåra where everybody could participate and everybody were celebrated: Hensippa. It took all day. It was fun.
Hensippa + Poker run 2014 Högsåra_0199
Hensippa even got its own sign. The day started off with shaving, continued with cake at the cafe, boating (as seen here), jumping off the ferry, throwing trick shots with an american football, drinking sparkling wine without a bigger reason, beer pong, barbecue and midnight swimming to name a few things. Mister Peter in the picture.
Hensippa + Poker run 2014 Högsåra_0201
Two moments after this I realized that I’ve always wanted to jump off a moving boat, and because of the day I jumped. The water was about 25 degrees celsius this time of the summer so it was awesome.
Hensippa + Poker run 2014 Högsåra_0291
Barbecue on the rocks by the sea. Sausage, songs and social media. What else is needed?


Hensippa + Poker run 2014 Högsåra_0024
This is something called Poker Run. A race of muscle boats where the ‘captains’ of these boats drive from a harbor to another collecting a hand of poker cards (5 cards). This is Kasnäs. The race ends at the Hanko Casino where the captains play poker with the set of cards they’ve collected.


Hensippa + Poker run 2014 Högsåra_0038
Seba threw the infamous “Not another landefest” at their summer house. What would that be without some beer pong?
Hensippa + Poker run 2014 Högsåra_0052
Summer will be sooner than later this year too.


Friends & Brgrs
Friends & Brgrs in Pietarsaari is open and blooming. Rasmus, one of the owners discussing the deliciousness of burgers in general. An article about the restaurant in HBL in the front. We had burgers by the way. They are great. Can’t wait to the Helsinki restaurant to open up at the old RAX on Mikonkatu in March-April 2015.


SteffeViivi + Bastuflotte_0028
Earlier during the summer a Floating Sauna Vol III took place, but because I didn’t have a camera with me, I chose not to post anything about it. This weekend in September with cold waters and beautiful skies was the mission to move the floating sauna from one island to another and to enjoy a hell of a time in the making.
Anders and Joni taking a classic battle on the Kondomen.
Anders and Joni taking a classic battle on the Kondomen.
SteffeViivi + Bastuflotte_0053
Masa threw in some long forgotten diver skills on the table. How’d it go?
SteffeViivi + Bastuflotte_0054
Like this!


E & J got married on Åland and I was invited to be the photographer. An incredibly nice weekend trip. The best of the Autumn.
The sheep were very interested in E’s flowers. So mega interested. Mmm…
Funny story, there’s a sheep chasing the couple here. It was really funny to look at and even funnier with a camera.
The ceremony itself took place on a floating deck at Stallhagen brewery. Epic!
The celebrities :)


Bar Hakkiwood opened its doors to a group of super awesome people. Fun times. Because this is a party setting I’ll let you know that one weekend after this we had our house warming party. That was such a party that no pictures were taken.
Pietro, Antti and Camilla being bartenders of the year.
Hakki-design launched new products, hence a photoshoot. Great setting in Tårget in Turku. Ingrid posing like a boss. The necklace is a Serafina and can be bought here.
Designers, Models, Photographers, Stylists, Assistants: Awesome People.

November (nothing) – December

In September Juuso came up to me and pitched an itinerary. Three months later we found ourselves on the other side of the world in California. 2 week vacay and fun times. If you’ve read the captions you notice that this was my second time this year. “What a waste” you might say, to which I respond, try it yourself and you’ll get hooked.
People have kept asking me how the weather was. Well, apart from this one day with heavy rains and generally an Autumn day, it was pretty much around 20 degrees Celsius every day with sun. After being there five times, it’s in general always the same weather regardless if it’s March, July or December.
This picture doesn’t have anything to do with food. But. To all of you burger lovers; Yes we had burgers. This time we had more Mexican food though and gotta say, a good burrito is a Good burrito!
When staring at this picture from Ocean Beach, San Diego I almost start to crave for sushi. Look at those rolls.
Sea Urchin served raw at a Farmer’s market. Definitely worth tasting. If you don’t like it as it is, try it with soy sauce and lime. If you still think it tastes too much of a duck dive, throw in some hot sauce and you’ll love it.
We’re going in.
LA Galaxy won the MLS Cup. Antti knows people who knows people so we ended up in the celebrations with LA Galazy football players. So that's the same cup as Beckham held back in 2012. Keep your cool!
LA Galaxy won the MLS Cup. Antti knows people who knows people so we ended up in the celebrations with the LA Galaxy team at Marriot in Downtown LA. Mind you, that’s the same cup as Beckham held back in 2012. Keep your cool!

That’s it!

Apart from these highlights lots and lots of first timers were witnessed. Among these are diving in Finland, going to a burlesque show, enjoying vappu at Ruka on Wappulounas, golfing, cooking karjalanpaisti, moving into a house with two awesome blokes, getting shut down by the police and bringing your own drinks to a restaurant because they couldn’t serve any.

2015 will be just as super awesome as we make of it, so let’s make it count!

Manhattan Beach surf and photo

So we woke up at 5.15 to hit the morning waves in Manhattan Beach. Juuso and Antti jumped on the boards while I operated the camera. Beautiful morning. Great waves. Awesome times.

Later on we saw some skating in Venice Beach, drove up to Beverly Hills, and witnessed a breathtaking sunset by the Santa Monica Pier. In-joy!

Manhattan Beach surfing
Getting ready 6.30 am at Manhattan Beach to hit the waves
Manhattan Beach surfing
Walking down the beach at Manhattan Beach.
Manhattan Beach surf
Going in for the first waves of the trip.
Manhattan Beach pier
Manhattan Beach pier, waves and a lonely soul
Manhattan Beach pier surfing
Catching the wave by the pier
Manhattan beach surfing
Surfing away
Surfing with at anker
Doesn’t matter how old you are.
Look mom, I can fly!
Manhattan beach surfing
I could get used to these mornings at Manhattan Beach.
I could get used to these mornings at Manhattan Beach.
Enjoying the sound of the sea after a great morning.
Enjoying the sound of the sea after a great morning.
Done for today.
Done for today.
Manhattan Beach pier and a surfer going to work.
Manhattan Beach pier and a surfer going to work.
Antti's done!
Antti’s done!
Beach and waves
The beach
Somewhere in Beverly Hills.
Somewhere in Beverly Hills.
We drove to Venice Beach for the sunset
We drove to Venice Beach for the sunset
Venice Beach fun
Venice Beach fun
Santa Monica pier light show.
Santa Monica pier light show.
Santa Monica sunsets are pretty rad.
Santa Monica sunsets are pretty rad.

The Hooters experience

What is the most obvious place to eat dinner when hungry and you’re only looking for food? The family friendly Hooters of course.

One starving Fred and one starving Juuso walked on 3rd Street in Santa Monica looking for something, anything but bad. We saw Hooters, high fived and walked in. It was game night anyway so why not? Patriots vs Chargers on about 42 screens of different sizes.

Hooters is all about sports, or is it?

A crash course in what Hooters for all of you who have lived underneath a rock all your lives: Hooters serves food, mainly wings. Hooters waitresses wears mainly not much in white and orange or black and orange.

Our waitress of British descent briefed the unknowing into masters of ordering the only reasonable thing in this extravagant restaurant; Wings. As told before we are starving, so we go all in and order 20 pieces. Each. 4 different wing sauces. Our waitress warned us that it will be somewhat of a challenge. A minute later she tried to sell sides to us. We were fine with the wings.

While waiting for the grande finale we enjoyed a pitcher of Dos Equis, watched the game and voluptuous waitresses. Interesting concept. Especially when you see a boy and his sister playing tag between the tables.

Hooters Daytona wings

40 wings with Daytona, Hot sauce, Honey Chipotle and a fourth sauce which we already forgot before we got the them. These were served with ranch dressing and blue cheese dressing along with a pile of celery. The boys were happy! And off we went.

30 minutes later we are both staring into eternity, stuffed, not so content anymore and 6 wings left. Just. Can’t. Make. It.

Hooters stuffed

A bill of $70 + tips in a sports bar for wings was definitely also a new fun experience! We took the six remaining pieces with us and walked out. Incapable of doing anything right, stuffed as we were, we took the wrong turn and walked parallel with the beach so we ended up walking 30 minutes in vain. Well. Whatever. We got the Hooters experience.

Apologies for the image quality. An iphone was all we had at the time.