Flip Schultz the standup comedian

“Who the hell is Flip Schultz?” I thought to myself back in 2007 when he warmed up for Pablo Francisco in Helsinki. He turned out to be way smarter in his jokes than his successor. No offense if you by any chance ever get to read this post, Pablo. Anyway, Flip came back to Finland in February this year. I attended. It was awesome. Laughing to a controversial sketch of Stephen Hawking giving his wife a moral speech after cheating on him. Epic. After the show I was so convinced and confident that I sent Flip an email asking if he’s going to throw any gigs in the LA area in March and if he’d be up for a little interview. The response: “Hey Fred, that should be fine.” Awesomeness.


Free pass, beer, phone.

Free pass, beer, phone.

March 12th. My 27th birthday. I’m enjoying a locally brewed beer at the Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank while waiting for my interviewee to appear to the bar. I’m moments away from chatting with Flip Schultz and all I can think of is how the hops are getting to my taste buds like beer angels sent from heaven, soothing my senses.. Flip walks in. “You’re Fred, right?” I return to Earth from my day dreaming and focus. “Yes, indeed I am.”


Small talk and such never seemed to be problem to Flip or Americans in general which smoothened this a whole lot. So what got this seemingly normal fellow on the other side of the table into comedy? “It sounds a bit cliché, but it’s one of those things that I always knew I was going to do.” Originally from Florida, Flip started amusing people when he was eight years old. Eight! Going to school he used to go to talent shows and he watched other comedians. He hasn’t stopped comedy since his amateur night debut when he was 18. Lucky us.


If you’ve seen his show, you know that he’s clever with his audience and from time to time he cracks himself up for coming up with a joke on the spot and delivers it to somebody in the audience. The enthusiasm, fresh thinking and the intense interaction with the audience makes this guy a joy to watch.


Flip Schultz makes you laugh!

Flip Schultz makes you laugh!

“Interacting with the audience. I love that.” Has it ever gone to the point of no return with somebody in the audience? “No, not really… No wait. Yes as a matter of fact it has. I had a guy threatening me once. He was something like ‘If you say one more word to me I’m going to break this beer bottle and shove it up your ass.’ It was in my early career and it was because I wasn’t so confident in my ability to go to the audience.” (here we laugh a little, especially when I picture this scene happening.) “It’s one of those aspects of being a comedian to be able to go to the audience and interact with them. It was scary at first, but I just made myself do it. It got easier over time.”


On one of his DVD:s Flip asks a 20-something in the front row if he jacks off. The response is “yes, unfortunately.” “WHAT, what do you mean unfortunately, it’s the best thing you can do!” Flip responds – and it goes on for a while until he asks a follow-up question whether the guy has ever got caught doing it. The guy then responds to him “What? Got caught of doing what? Weed?” which then turns into eyeballing and more laughing “do you even recall our chat 7 seconds ago?”. Flip goes on telling that “Interacting creates a sense of intimacy and those moments are never going to happen again. I feel that the audience really appreciates that”.


I’m all out of my delicious local beer so we go into talking about his international tours and especially Finland and Sweden which makes his eyes light up. “To me it felt like standup is this exciting new kind of phenomena. It felt like the States in the late seventies, early eighties. All of the support people were giving me, it felt amazing to be there on tour.” (Flip likes Finland! Let’s get him back soon!)

Flip in Helsinki picking on the audience in Musiikkitalo 21.2.2014 - great show!

Flip in Helsinki picking on the audience in Musiikkitalo 21.2.2014 – great show!

When being in Finland you knew quite a lot of the local things that were going on. Are you hardcore on doing research before a gig abroad? “Not really, I just talk to people, pick up something and my brain goes with it and turns it into a joke.” He goes on to dig out a book to clarify his sets. “This is my ‘book of jokes’. It has every gig in it, which jokes I should pursue, which ones (out of experience) I should definitely not go with depending on location and new ones on what to work on. So don’t worry, I’m always prepared regardless if I interact a lot with the audience or not. Furthermore I do like to change my set in order for it to remain fresh for people who’s seen me before.”


As the clock is ticking, people are getting louder and the show is about to start I pursue one last question in hope for something good. ‘What is your greatest memory in your comedy career?’ “Going from being the biggest fan of Weird al Yankovic, to actually touring with him was a turning point for me. That’s when I realized I’m really good at this, I’m a professional now.” How awesome is that? Going from being the biggest fan of somebody to hanging out with them on backstage.

“This is the dream. You know, there are a lot of people who wants the fame regardless of how you get it, but in the end of the day if you can make your living doing exactly what you want to do and actually enjoying it. To me, it’s making it.” I thank Flip sincerely and look forward to being picked on during the show. Off he goes to host another standup comedy show at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank.


The venue is great for laughs, but for your own sake please don’t eat the pulled pork sliders. I ran into some serious relationship issues later on that night with my good friend, my tummy. Nonetheless thank you for the show and everybody’s inability to pick on the Finn properly due to lack of geographical expertise!


Be sure to check Flip Schultz out on www.flipisfunny.com

Flip’s comparison on sunglasses and women

How to make the best out of Los Angeles #1

Mind you, Norwegian flies to LA from Stockholm back and forth for as cheap as 380 € as long as you’re willing to travel without food and luggage on an 11 hour flight. Food and luggage included it makes about 120 € more.


Anyway, I booked the cheapest tickets back in October and now here I am in sunny California. I survived the flights by getting myself a few bottles of water and a baguette from Arlanda airport.


LA! What to say? I’ll give you the essentials:

Prio #1: Get a car. It’s worth it. Watch out for rental companies with hidden fees. FOX is one of those. I would recommend to go with Alamo or National. You also want a GPS, but you don’t want to pay $20 for it per day. I recommend downloading a GPS navigation app that works in offline mode to your smartphone while in your home country. I went with Navigon by Garmin ($26,99 for West U.S.) and it’s worked like a charm. Remember to load up with a 12 V car usb charger as the GPS kills your phone’s battery in no time.


Starbucks: You would think that it’s a place to go for coffee but you’re wrong. It’s actually the go to place for free wifi. As a tourist you really appreciate it. Need to update facebook with a fancy picture from Hollywood boulevard, but feel like the roaming costs might get sky high? No problem, a Starbucks is found pretty much everywhere and the wifi (attwifi – same name everywhere) works outside of the coffee houses too, so don’t feel like you have to buy anything.


Experiences of various kinds to pursue:


If you feel like buying 3 gallons (about 10 liters) of milk, go to Costco. It’s ridiculously huge. The shopping carts are huge, the products are huge, the strollers are huge and the customers are huge. I almost got lost. Apparently you have to be a member to buy anything or even get in. I guess I looked like their normal everyday customer then.


Drive up to Griffith Observatory and hike up the rest of the hill to see a nice view of LA. I had a morning walk up there. In March with the clear skies even in the morning it’s a definite must. In July with the fog going around until the early afternoon I wouldn’t be so sure on getting up there the first thing in the morning.


Eat at In-n-Out. Get the Double Double. Enjoy.


Go to a hockey game. My experience: Get in touch with an old buddy (Dante) who had it all covered before I even said, “yes, please, I want to see a hockey game”. So we saw the Ducks – Maple Leafs yesterday at Honda Center in Anaheim. 3 fights, 4 goals. Toronto won 3 – 1. Selänne didn’t score. The atmosphere, cheering and overall feeling is over the top and a lot more interesting and fun compared to the Finnish league. Definitely one of the highlights of this trip. That was then topped with a Hooters night. Never been before. Definitely a family restaurant.


Drive around LA without a GPS and try to find your way. If you’ve been playing GTA V, you might recognize quite many places.

Once you’ve done this, find a Starbucks and upload your experiences for everybody to read.

In-joy some pictures. More to come.

Park. Birds. Fountain. Fence.

Park. Birds. Fountain. Fence.

Hiking trails and downtown LA

Hiking trails and downtown LA

Griffith Observatory & Downtown LA

Griffith Observatory & Downtown LA

Griffith Observatory. Open pretty much every day. Except Mondays.

Griffith Observatory. Open pretty much every day. Except Mondays.

Downtown LA and Griffith Observatory

Downtown LA and Griffith Observatory

Patty and Bun; ARI GOLD

When Theburgeradventure posted a picture of a juicy burger called ARI GOLD from London based Patty & Bun on Instagram I already found myself phoning friends and booking flights to the UK. Three days of food and pints was about to fulfill my vacation.

Patty & Bun only has 30 seats, it doesn’t take reservations and as far as Google says we “might have to wait in line for a while”. Waited for 10 minutes. Once you get in and get to place your order everything goes very smoothly and fast.

With burgers called ARI GOLD and Lambshank Redemption and sides as Winger Winger Chicken Dinner, you might guess that these guys do their thing their way. Apparently the wings are something extravagant.


ARI GOLD (yes, it’s written in capital letters) ended up on my plate, being a solid cheeseburger with nothing too spectacular apart from smokey house made mayo I felt like this couldn’t go wrong. Personally I would’ve left the tomato out. The house made fries came along too for an extra price.

With no plates, the burgers are served in only their wrapping; a very clever way of saving dishing time and resources and growing your personal dry cleaner bill. Although the burger looks very juicy with smudged cheddar everywhere, the glazed brioche bun is locally baked and the patty is beautifully pink on the inside I am a bit disappointed in the taste. It wasn’t as spectacular as it looks. Something’s missing and I can’t say what.

I didn’t get the chance to taste the other burgers, but as for ARI GOLD, it’s unfortunately not as enthusiastic, mean, witty and cunning as the character from Entourage.

Fun trivia heard from the waiter: The reason for the name of ARI GOLD is the trivial fact that the owner of Patty & Bun is a huge fan of the Entourage character and therefore baptized it according to him. Needless to say, Jeremy Piven has made an appearance because of that burger. So if you’re a fan, start a burger joint and name a burger according to your idol. You’ll eventually meet.

ARI GOLD: £7.50
Chips with rosemary salt: £2.50

Patty & Bun
54 James st, London


Hawksmoor Spitalfields Bar

Famous for its steaks Hawksmoor has four restaurants around London serving “best steaks in London” – as reviewers and bloggers unanimously seem to agree on – made on British meat, cooked on a charcoal grill. We were not after the steaks though. Something better awaited us.

Hawksmoor Spitalfields, located in Shoreditch has two floors; the restaurant and the bar. I have no idea how the restaurant is but as far as it seems, they make some kick ass steaks. Hawksmoor Spitalfields Bar is the righteous dungeon where the infamous masterpiece sandwich French Dip is served. Sandwich perfection, as Timeout puts it. I agree.

French Dip at Hawksmoor Spitalfields Bar. Because of the lack of light and incredible hunger once I got my teeth into my own version, I borrowed a picture of the dish from these guys: http://www.timeout.com/london/restaurants/london-eating-hawksmoor

French dip at Hawksmoor is something every single person should taste for himself in order to understand the foodgasm resulting from this seemingly simple sandwich. The somewhat fluffy bun keeps the slowly cooked delicious ox cheek incredibly well in place alongside with the cheese on the meat. Next to this we have the dip itself, mind blowing gravy.

I would be more precise on what I’m talking about, but the waiter suggested that we have to make the chef “disappear mysteriously” before we can get anywhere close to the recipe.

Choice of beverage would definitely be Shake Pete’s Ginger Brew, which on the other hand is easier to explain in actual ingredients. We’re talking of a pint of London pride with gin, ginger and lemon. It’s like juice and oh so darn good too. 50p of every cocktail goes to a charity called Football Gambia.

Ox Cheek French Dip: £12.00
Shake Pete’s Ginger Brew: £9.50

Hawksmoor Spitalfields
157a Commercial Street, London

2013 in hindsight

Thank you 2013 for hanging out!

Thank you 2013 for hanging out!

Full 365 days!

Reflecting on the past year I’ve got to admit that it hasn’t been as extravagant as 2012. It’s been even crazier. I’ve semi officially settled down to Helsinki. 2013 is the year that I’ve spent a full year in Finland, working the same job at a fixed place and crashing into familiar faces every day. I’ve missed that.

A full 365 days living in one city within one year hasn’t occurred to me since 2008. Yes, I’ve moved five times since last Valentine’s day, but it has taken place within a 4 kilometer radius in Helsinki.

Along these 52 weeks I’ve come to realize a few things. Regardless of how nice you are to people, not everybody will like you. Apologizing for mishaps brings peace within. Talking things through makes life easier. Absorbing, embracing and caring for other people makes you a better person. Nobody’s perfect and we all have to go a bit loco before we can go back to “normal”, whatever that is.

Highlights of 2013

  • Traveled to Barcelona to say hola to Alberto, Ale and Tijana
  • Traveled to Copenhagen
  • Spent an unforgettable summer on Högsåra
  • Hannah moved permanently to Helsinki
  • Traveled to Stockholm many times
  • Shredded powder in Avoriaz and Verbier with Francois
  • Traveled to Pietarsaari and had Finland’s best hamburger. Twice.
  • Played with the greatest kid on Earth
  • Called the ambulance when an old lady fell face first into the pavement
  • Gave my shoes to a homeless person
  • Traveled to London
  • Got myself a new suit as an impulse purchase
  • The day after the launch of GTA V I got myself a PS3, bought the game, played it through and sold the bundle
  • Bought my first own furniture
  • Snowboarded in the city center of Helsinki
  • Burnt myself in the sun
  • Had a few mindless rants after a few too many drinks
  • Introduced a public sauna to an American and a Canadian. Hopefully you liked it Justin and Shane!
  • Still haven’t touched a cigarette since I was born
  • Rediscovered colorful clothing
  • Met Fran
  • Got accused of being a drug dealing addict who was set to to rob an old lady. In France. I’ve never touched drugs.
  • Built a bike, commuted with it for a few months until a bartender wondered if it’s for sale, so I sold it
  • Envisioned that the toy market will within five years evolve from actual toys into blueprints with which you can create the toys in your living room with your own 3D printer
  • Helped out when asked (I make a great moving buddy)
  • Hugged random people on the streets
  • My childhood friend got married. Many more to come in 2014!
  • Went to a bachelor party for the first time
  • Got invited to a party in Cannes, traveled there and found out the party was cancelled
  • Fixed a bike with gears to a special person
  • Ran a half marathon for the first time in my life
  • Wakeboarded
  • Took a boat trip in the densest fog known to mankind
  • Made pancakes
  • Saw our home from 1988 in Copenhagen and felt nostalgic
  • Visited my grandparents more often
  • Still thinks of PCH when listening to Radical Face
  • Almost got into a fight because of talking Swedish in Helsinki. Twice during the same night.
  • Picked a random guy called Tatu in his sixties from the streets and brought him into a night club
  • Met a person who has a tattoo inspired by JB lyrics
  • Watched Van Damme doing “the most epic of splits” at least 34 times
  • Wrote down a few great ideas of which hopefully some will become reality next year

Did you get this far? Good. A lot of other things also happened, but you would probably get bored and just bounce back to facebook if I would go on.

All I’m saying that life is as interesting as you make it. It’s your life, your journey and your story that you will one day share stories about to your offspring with an adorably shaky voice and a few teeth left in your mouth. Be sure to have a lot of wrinkles when that day comes. Make the trip worthwhile and in-joy!

Happy new year 2014 and let it be an even greater one than the last one!

Review: Open Bar Club & Lounge Helsinki

Those of you who have been to a party with an open bar know what it means. For you who don’t know: An event or place where the drinks are for free. This is something you experience at for example weddings or birthday parties where somebody turns 50. Until now. A bar called Open Bar Club & Lounge opened its doors on Friday 1.11.2013 in Helsinki.


The concept made headlines already earlier both in Finland and Sweden and probably somewhere else too given the seemingly illegal way of serving customers. Why? Because by paying the entrance fee of 50 €, you drink for free. Yes. Free.


I don’t have the “real-life experience” so this post might differ a bit from reality. Thanks to my awesome co-worker we got tickets to enter the bar for free already at 6 pm. So no 50 € for us. A special event took place between 6 pm and 9 pm for people with an invitation. What was the event then? I have no idea, but one thing was sure; absolutely everything at the bar was free. Furthermore they also served small burgers (that, to my positive surprise was cooked medium).


It’s a special feeling to go up to a bar and ask for anything and not having to pay for it (I’m a man, so this rarely happens to me). The feeling is a little bit like being a kid at a candy store, here’s a simulation:

“A pint please! thanks. A glass of wine, please! Thanks. A bottle of white wine, please! Thank you! Two vodka cokes, pretty please! Thank youuuu. A glass of sparkling, oh? no glasses, only bottles? Ok. Can I get two? Nice. Thaaaank youuuu. 5 shots, please! You still don’t want to see any money? No? Okay! Gracias!” – and so on, you get the idea.


The concept worked out really well for the guests. Basically no queues at the bar because there’s nobody counting their money and no dysfunctional credit card reader, only serving. The bartenders even have time to come up to the tables to take orders. Very nice customer service all in all. The lounge area is even a place where you hear what your friends say, no overly loud music playing. No angry people picking fights. No people counting money if they can pay for something. Just being social with random people laughing about the absurd concept.


After 9 pm the sparkling wine and shots got a price tag on them, so later on only the draft products and drinks (which all were mixed with Smirnoff vodka) were for free.


Our night at Open Bar took place between 6 pm and 3:30 am. One of the key ideas for the bar is that people would spend their whole night there, instead of having to risk eviction as a host to a pre-party. The only down side that I see here is that you don’t get to choose your own music, otherwise the idea is a pretty sweet one.


After this little review, I highly recommend everyone to visit this place at least once because the authorities shut it down. You don’t go here only because of the concept, but to live and tell the tale to your offspring. “Once upon a time in Finland, the overly alcohol regulated country there was a bar where you could drink as much as you wanted, just by paying an entrance fee.” How about that! In-joy!


Open Bar Club & Lounge
Yliopistonkatu 5, Helsinki
Opening hours
18:00 (6 pm) – 04:00 (4 am)

Miss Helsinki competition

Editors note: This text has been edited from the original one. Reason: some facts weren’t based on facts.

During my years I’ve witnessed a lot. A shit load. I’ve seen people without a house and made friends with them. I’ve made friends with people on the other side of the world. Just because. I’ve been informed that if you really want to get it on in Westwood, California, there’s actually students being prostitutes at the UCLA campus. Fine. I’ve met these people and they’re actual people. They’re nice and they’re actually interested in new acquaintances.

Tonight I witnessed something superficial and new. The Miss Helsinki competition.

Miss Helsinki; a beauty contest for being the most beautiful in Helsinki. Beauty contests aren’t always bad, it’s nice to look at beauty and listen to how each contestant is planning on saving the planet. But this one seems just like a big fat meat fest. Really. You’ve got 9 girls who walk out on the stage and the “referees” make a decision on who’s the most beautiful. The contestants never tell us how they’re planning on saving the planet or even Helsinki, not even an idea on how our lives would get better. They don’t say a word.

The winner of this contest last year got a big gift certificate to a local clinic with which you could get a boob job. A boob job. It’s obviously a declaration towards the participants that you’re so ugly that you need a fill up. What makes it funny is that it’s just the winner who gets that. Shouldn’t the gift certificate be evenly distributed to the rest so that everyone could “make themselves more self-confident with how they look” (sorry for using the clinic’s selling point). Nothing wrong with rubber tits. Just an absurd venue to get them from.

Anyway, I don’t judge, I just find it all a bit weird. In-joy regardless what you do. It’s worth it. It really is. Smile a lot. Just smile. Just do it. Like this :)

Fäboda Burger Month – Something special

As it turns out my little visit to Fäboda Cafe & Kitchen a few months back and the blog post about it resulted in a rather interesting social media phenomena summoning over 500 unique readers to one blog post in two days. Nice. That has to mean that you know where to get great hamburgers in Finland.

The restaurant is a well-known location locally and normally keeps its doors open during the summer months, but this year they apparently made an effort in prolonging the summer and therefore their season by launching a Burger Month. A BURGER MONTH with “the best burgers in Finland”! I don’t give a rat’s ass that it takes over three hours to get to the restaurant by train from Helsinki as long as they stand up for their promise. Being fully aware of the delicious Saul’s Burger which I ranted about earlier I felt like the promise wouldn’t be too difficult to deliver.

The “prolonging the summer” part was definitely delivered in the sense of insanely warm weather and sunshine during this random Monday afternoon. As for the menu we’ve got six different burgers covering all tastes, needs, allergies and sizes of ones hunger, seven if the Kid’s Burger is counted and different sides ranging from house made fries to coleslaw. I feel like drooling. Maybe I am. Or maybe it’s just the sweat produced on my forehead which is slowly dripping into my mouth.

A couple of weeks earlier when imagining different tasty burgers, I wondered how a burger with chanterelles (yellow, marvelous mushrooms found in the Finnish woods during fall) would taste like. Therefore I was simultaneously positively surprised and excited like a little kid during Christmas when browsing through the menu. My silent wish was heard! A burger with chanterelles and a few hand picked necessities in it exists! This soon-to-be-legendized creation is called the Premium Burger.

Fäboda burger month

Fäboda Burger Month: Premium Burger

Okay, okay the name isn’t necessarily the wittiest one nor a differentiator, but hey, we’re not talking about the naming here. We are talking about the taste. The standard of the meat itself feels superior to the one I had earlier (I always order my burgers medium rare), but apart from that it’s rather hard to compare the Saul’s Burger with the Premium Burger. This is 100 % because of the fact that they are two totally different burgers for different tastes. One thing is for sure, they are made with a lot of love and ambition. The chanterelles alongside the 100 % beef burger, house made aioli and the spelt bread (and some veggies) made for an experience worthwhile to re-live in the near future. If I would live in Pietarsaari, I would eat here every day.

It’s not about the size and it’s not about the amount of stuff in it. No. It’s about love towards incredible taste experiences and the ability to channel that eagerness into actual food. In this particular case, I’m feeling the channeling without a doubt. The house made fries (which are triple cooked by the way) fulfilled the experience into a very worthwhile trip to Pietarsaari once again.

Fäboda Cafe & Kitchen has its doors open every day until the end of September between 4 pm and 10 pm. Do yourself a favor. If you’re in the country, regardless of where you are, go pay them a visit. The location is breathtaking. Check out the menu here: faboda.fi/fi/menu

Hamburger Porn

A hamburger is a decent way to differ the amateur burger connaisseurs and the blokes who just want a burger, any burger. Whereas the latter wants a big portion enough to feed the whole cow the meat was once sliced from regardless of the filthy taste, the connaisseur knows that giving your tastebuds a proper orgasm and the size of the portion rarely walk hand in hand.

Hamburger porn

Saul’s Burger at Fäboda Cafe & Kitchen in Pietarsaari, Finland. Top notch.

I’ve personally experienced some pretty god damn great burger porn and that being said I can ensure you that the great ones are hard to find especially in Finland. It’s not that I dislike or disrespect the “I-don’t-give-a-fuck-how-it-tastes-or-where-the-ingredients-come-from-as-long-as-it-could-feed-me-and-my-family” kind of people, I just think it’s sad that our food culture has turned the majority into thinking that a hamburger is supposed to be fast and cheap, without giving two flying fucks about the quality.

"The bigger the better!" I heard somebody yell. Surprisingly this burger wasn't as bad as I had anticipated, but far from superb. O'Learys at Pietarsaari, Finland.

Look, here we have a great example of how a burger shouldn’t look like or taste. Frozen stuff. Blergh… O’Learys at Pietarsaari, Finland.

I’m not saying that hamburger chains are all bad taste wise. Go for example to the prominent In-N-Out in California and you basically only have three choices; a hamburger, a cheeseburger or a double cheeseburger (they prepare the burgers only when ordered). Obviously they have an option to tune the burgers into animal style monsters, but still. Simplicity is king, even in burgers. Then there are restaurants with all sorts of crazy burgers that use frozen and pre-cooked ingredients that is a shame to the whole humankind.

Comparing somebody yelling to the, apparently very ignorant chef that his burger is most definitely inedible because the burger is cooked medium or medium rare (100% beef) and another who’s seemingly in a euphoria-like state because of that very same burger is also an intriguing scene. It all comes down to cultural differences and habits.

In the end I don’t care, ignorance is everywhere, don’t get insulted of my opinions, they are just opinions. I’m just here to in-joy some kick-ass burgers. Here’s a list for you to check out too:


The top 6 Go-To Restaurants for Proper Burger Porn


Fäboda Cafe & Kitchen, Pietarsaari, Finland: Saul’s Burger

Midhill, Helsinki, Finland: Cheese Brgr

Flippin’ Burgers, Stockholm, Sweden: Flippin

Kiosko Burger, Barcelona, Spain: Santa Caterina

In-N-Out Burger, California: Double-double

Casa D&J, Helsinki: The Double Dick (an extremely rare and delicious gourmet burger, only served to family and friends)


Now that I’ve recommended my picks, it’s your turn to shout out your favorites. Can’t wait to in-joy some Burger Porn!

Kallio Block Party 2013 revisited

Kallio Block Party is a free event consisting of mainly music acts and other activities that takes over a block or two in Helsinki every summer. Last year it was held on Vaasankatu. This year it was organized on Kolmas linja and Siltasaarenkatu or that’s at least where I sat the whole Saturday. The Kallio church even hosted concerts in it.

How did I end up there? Emil called me and said “be there.”, so I was. It was fun. Less talking, more pictures. In-joy!




Topi listening like never before


Wait, what, who, how, when?


This guy has been waiting for this pic for way too long now. Here you go Milo!


The one and only AK! 

Emil or Waldo?

Emil or Waldo?